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Workshop: The Power of Our Words

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Do you think about how you use your words? Every word we speak is a seed and affects the things we see growing in our lives!  Our words our powerful to bring transformation in our lives and families. 

In this workshop, bring your kids as I'll break down practical tools your whole family can use to speak words that bring life, pray, declare, and partner with Heaven in your lives every day. I'll break down key scriptures and teach on how everyone in our families can use the power God gave us in our words to speak and declare what He is wanting to do in our lives.

In this workshop you’ll learn: 

  • The power of our words and how to establish a culture with your words.
  • What biblical declarations look like and how to posture our hearts for partnership with God.
  • How to give your kids what they need to partner with Holy Spirit in their speech.

As a parent, your whole family will walk away equipped to speak powerfully, declare and pray powerfully and partner with Holy Spirit in your daily life as you step into a new year!


  • How long is this teaching?
    • About 45 minutes of teaching and 25 minutes of Q&A with Seth answering your questions!
  • What age kids is this teaching for?
    • The tools in this workshop will be great for kids of any age, especially ages 4-13.
  • Is this just for parents? Or can kids watch, too?
    • This workshop is for the whole family!
  • Where will this teaching take place?
    • This workshop recording you'll get immediately in a confirmation email with a link to download the MP4 video file.