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Win+Win Family E-Course

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Do you ever open your mouth and hear your parents come out? Is your family life not what you dream it could be? Or have you just been waiting, hoping, and praying that it will get easier as your kids are older? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Win+Win Family is for you!

This practical, hands-on course will give you strategy and direction to cultivate a thriving family life. Whether it be honing in on effective & loving discipline, building connection with your children, or moving forward with confidence in raising your children to be healthy adults, Win+Win Family gives you practical steps to break default habits and move into an intentional, thriving family life.

So if you’re ready to make some changes, see real growth in your family, and step into the fullness that God has for your entire family - we’re happy to have you!

Each video is short and easy for busy parents to watch and implement as you have time! Topics covered in this full e-course: 

1. The Importance of a Win+Win Family
2. Deciding the Atmosphere of Your Home
3. Healthy Marriage
4. How Your Child Feels Loved
5. Motivators
6. The Power of Presence
7. Punishment Versus Discipline
8. Hassle Timer & No Fun Chair
9. Waking Up & Bedtime
10. Entitlement
11. Let Them Clean Up Their Mess
12. Quiet Time & Self Entertaining
13. Arrows: Raising Kingdom Children
14. The Power Of Consistency and Change
15. What You Are Really Supposed to Control
16. Balance and Your Own Needs
17. The Connected Parent
18. Explain Your “Why”
19. Let’s Be Honest
20. The Power of Choices
21. Whining, Complaining, and Interrupting
22. Raising Responsible Children
23. Contributions: Getting Your Children to Help Around the House

Here’s why we created Win+Win Family:

We have a passion for empowering parents like you to thrive in parenthood while raising happy and healthy children; our goal is to help your whole family win!

We bring in practical wisdom from God’s word, personal mishaps and stories, and wisdom gleaned from years of working with parents and children. Seth is known for his powerful wisdom and contagious joy and childlikeness. He has worked with children and families for over 15 years helping children encounter God and truly know Him.

Lauren has a peace and steadiness about her that has allowed her to discover and implement strategies to raise children who are thriving and contributing to the world around them. This helps enable them to grow up into responsible and happy adults.

We hope you’ll join us in taking the next steps towards creating a thriving home life you love! 

After purchase, you'll receive a PDF with instructions on how to access your e-course on the Spirit Led Families app.