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Workshop: Raising Kids Who Have a Real Relationship with God

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What is the spirit of religion? How can we recognize when it's attempting to influence our kids (or us)? Having a deep connection with God is so vital for our kids as they grow so they have a solid foundation in their relationship with Jesus that can't be shaken!

In this workshop, I'll break down practical tools to identify the religious spirit and unpack how Jesus addressed it in a loving way that dismantled the lies of the enemy. 

In this live workshop you’ll learn: 

  • How to recognize when a religious spirit is attempting to influence you or your kids
  • Why Jesus didn't cast it out like He did with other spirits and what He did instead

  • What you can do that will help dismantle the religious spirit in your life and the lives of your kids

As a parent, you'll walk away equipped to recognize the spirit of religion, dismantle the lies of the enemy, and create an environment in your home for your kids to thrive in their deep relationship with God!


  • How long is this teaching?
    • About one hour of teaching and 40 minutes of Q&A with Seth answering your questions!
  • What age kids is this teaching for?
    • The tools in this workshop will be great for kids of any age, especially ages 4-13.
  • Is this just for parents? Or can kids watch, too?
    • This workshop is just for the parents :)
  • Where will this teaching take place?
    • This workshop is in an MP4 format and will be available to download instantly after purchase.