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Dream Journal for Kids

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Seth is honored to be offering this brand new Dream Journal for kids, written by his good friend Rosalyn Owen.

Pair this journal with his powerful teaching on dreams and your whole family will grow in dreaming with God!

Do you have a young dreamer in your home? This is the journal for them. Included is lots of guidance for adults and children to discover together: how to catch and record dreams, clues to decode the hidden messages that dreams have, steps of faith you can take in response to the dreams, and how you and Jesus can handle those bad dreams, too.

Table of Contents:

Parents Pages - full of insights and biblical understanding about children and dreams.

Dealing with Bad Dreams - There is an easy and fun way to deal with pesty "bad dreams" or nightmares.

Record My Dreams - Practicing various creative fun ways for children to catch and record dreams

Decoding Dreams - Discover clues to get some understanding of what they mean

Dreamers Take Action - What can you do with dreams?  Discover some steps you can take in response to what God shows tells or gives you.

Extra Journal Pages - To keep going and growing in recording and decoding your dreams.

Bible Verses to focus on at night times.