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Foundations Curriculum

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This is a great foundational curriculum to teach your preschool and elementary kids!

Seth is so excited to publish this curriculum written by Mikaela Cain. Each lesson focuses on a core kingdom truth that will build a solid foundation for the kids in your home, school or church.

This curriculum was written with small churches and young children in mind. It's small-group friendly - including the budget, time of set up and small number of volunteers. Because of this, it's easy to adapt these lessons for a home environment - be it home school, home church or small group experience.

This curriculum is ideal for preschool and elementary aged children, ages 3-10.

The children will walk away from these seven lessons knowing:

  • God is Good

  • We Can All Be Saved

  • I'm a Disciple

  • I Belong in God's Family

  • I am a Worshipper

  • Change the World

  • Who is the Holy Spirit


Check out the free sample lesson "God is Good" in the product photos!

This curriculum is in a PDF format and will be delivered instantly upon purchase.