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Foundations of Hearing God (PDF)

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These practical and power-packed lessons will activate your kids and volunteers in recognizing how God speaks to them!

Seth is so excited to publish this curriculum written by Roselyn Owen. Each lesson focuses on the different ways God speaks, Show, Tell, Give, that will build a solid foundation in hearing God for the kids in your home, school or church.

This curriculum was written with different ministries in mind. It's small-group friendly - including the budget, time of set up and small number of volunteers. Because of this, it's easy to adapt these lessons for a home environment - be it home school, home church or small group experience.

This 4-week curriculum is ideal for elementary aged children, ages 5-12.

The children will walk away from these four lessons with:

  • Knowing different ways God spoke in the Bible

  • Having learned how to recognize the ways God is speaking to them

  • A closer relationship with God

  • Hands on experience and practice hearing God's voice

  • Knowing God's nature and why He speaks


Check out the free sample of two excerpts from the first lesson in the product photos!

This curriculum is in a PDF format and will be delivered instantly upon purchase.