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Grief Recovery Method | Thriving through Cancer with Seth Dahl

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Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by a change of or end in a familiar pattern of behavior.

Grief is the normal and natural response to changes of any magnitude, even a cancer diagnosis. 

Unfortunately, most of what we’ve learned about processing grief is neither normal nor natural when it comes to handling these changes well.

In this course, we not only teach how to properly grieve, but take you through the process as well so you can thrive.

Here’s what one of our course attendees wrote about her experience with the Grief Recovery Method:

"I just completed an 8 week Grief Recovery Method course that started the day after my brother-in-law passed away, and the course has truly rocked me to my core. Tonight was our last night of virtual class and the work I had to do leading up to it was not easy by any means. But I am definitely a better person on this side of it. The course just finished up, so it's still pretty early to tell, but I truly feel that GRM has changed my life in processing grief from my past and how I will handle grief in the future.

I had some unresolved grief from my dad taking his own life 25 years ago that I needed to process through. This course is such a blessing in being able to release the pain associated with that!💞"

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