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Workshop: Loving Your Little Leader

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Join me for this parenting workshop as I teach secrets to finding joy in raising your strong-willed child! It's wonderful to have a child with such leadership potential, but it can also be challenging to navigate how to grow their leadership skills while also having them respect your role as their parent.

This workshop is designed for just parents so you can get the practical tools and help you need to navigate raising your leader!

You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • Knowing what your kids need as little leaders to thrive
  • Tools to have a peaceful home and resolve arguments
  • Finding joy in your child's leadership potential!

This video workshop is available to download immediately after purchase.


  • How long is this teaching?
    • About 45 minutes of teaching with 15 minutes of Q&A at the end.
  • What age kids is this teaching for?
    • This will be a great fit to help you with your kids ages 3-13, but the principles will apply to kids of all ages!
  • Is this just for parents? Or do the kids watch, too?
    • This one is just for parents! Seth will be getting very practical and giving you tools to cut out the power struggles and have peace in your home every day.
  • Where will this teaching take place?
    • This workshop video is an mp4 format and available to download immediately.