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Practicing the Presence Mini Academy

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We all operate predominately out of our habits, some of them helpful, some of them not so much. 

I consider practicing God's Presence to the the "capstone habit" of our lives as believers. 

A capstone is the triangle shaped stone at the top and center of ancient doorways, and it's the one stone that locks all others into place and solidifies the doorway. 

The reason I consider this one habit as the "capstone habit" is that it locks in all our other helpful habits. It prevents us from moving into religion in our daily lives: it keeps us present, and prevents us from just living in a way that we are just "going through the motions."

This to me is especially important as parents!

It keeps us from parenting on autopilot and makes us present, both to God and His guidance, as well as with our children. 

Habits can be challenging to install into our lives, and the more difficult a habit it, the longer it takes to install. If it's easy, habits can be installed quite quickly. If it's difficult, it can take much longer (and make us inconsistent with it, thereby lengthening the time to install it. By joining this 70 day Academy, I will make it as simple and easy for you finish this journey with having the practice of God's Presence as a permanent habit in your life. 

Each day you will receive a short thought (based on the book by Brother Lawrence) as well as a brief question to encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with it. 

Join me and lock in a habit that will forever change not only your life, but your parenting too!

Immediately after purchase you will receive a PDF with a link to join the academy on the free Spirit Led Families app on Mighty Networks.