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Revival Kids Curriculum 1

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This 12 lesson curriculum will jump start your children into a revivalist lifestyle! Newly revised and updated, this curriculum contains the 4 Most Important Things, the ABCD's of Prophecy, and How to Read the Bible. Formerly released as separate four lesson teachings, these three curricula are combined to make an entire quarter of teaching for your children to step into the supernatural.

Your children will not only know about God but also experience His love for them in these lessons. The lessons are filled with Bible lessons, skits, object lessons, and activations so the children not only hear about what is being taught, but they get activated to live it out. They will learn skills that will help them continue to walk in these things for the rest of their lives! This curriculum is ideal for children ages 5-12.

The children will walk away from these 12 lessons knowing:

  • God is in a good mood
  • Jesus' blood paid for everything
  • They are important
  • With God, nothing is impossible
  • Why & how God talks
  • What is the Bible
  • Ways to read the Bible

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    *This product is printed in the USA on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. FSC certified.