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Workshop: Sweet Dreams

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What would it be like if every bedtime was peaceful in your home? One of the most frequent questions I get asked by parents is about nighttime with their kids.

Some kids throw tantrums when it’s time to go to bed, others see or feel scary things, some are afraid of the dark, and others have bad dreams. But night time doesn’t have to be this way, it can be full of peace and your family can wake up to a joy-filled morning!

In this workshop, I’ll be showing you and your kids:

  • One simple prayer to implement into your nightly routine to have peace filled nights.
  • How to navigate when you kids tell you they see something at night – good or bad.
  • Practical tools for getting rid of fear and strengthening your kids relationship with God so they fall asleep in the presence of God.
  • Practical tools to partner with Holy Spirit to steward your child’s God-given gifts so they are a blessing, not a burden.

As a parent, you’ll walk away from this workshop with stress-free, practical tools you need to feel confident in helping your kids establish a peaceful night time! 


  • How long is this teaching?
    • About 45 minutes of teaching with 15 minutes of Q&A so you can ask Seth your questions!
  • What age kids is this teaching for?
    • We recommend having your kids ages 6-13 watch with you, but the tools will work great for younger kids, too!
  • Is this just for parents? Or do the kids watch, too?
    • It’s for parents and kids to watch together! The teaching will be engaging for kids as well as practical and informative for parents.
  • Where will this teaching take place?
    • This workshop will be digitally delivered to you immediately upon purchase.