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Teaching Bundle

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Get three of Seth’s most popular teachings! 

  1. Releasing Arrows
    Like warriors of old hand-crafted their arrows and released them to defeat the enemy, we as parents get to partner with God in preparing our children and releasing them to destroy the enemy, bringing God's kingdom to earth.

  2. Parenting Like God
    We all want to see spiritual transformation in our families! In this message, Seth explains how you can partner with God in representing Him well to your kids and receive divine solutions for your family, stewarding the prophetic in your children’s lives. At the end of this teaching is an incredibly powerful prayer time that releases healing and breakthrough!

  3. Living Worry Free
    When Paul tells us “don’t worry about anything” (Phil 4:6 NIV), he is first and foremost telling us it’s possible! So, how do we actually live without worry? How do we cast all our cares on Him? In this message, Seth Dahl unpacks key scriptural truths that unlock how to live worry free and see transformation in our lives!