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The Healing Parent: Protecting Your Children’s Future by Healing Your Past (One-on-One)

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The more healthy and whole we are as parents, the more we can raise our children with love, understanding, and emotional health. 

Our past experiences and hurt can subtly influence our parenting. The Healing Parent offers a compassionate, comprehensive guide to understanding and healing these wounds. By addressing our own childhood pains, we not only free ourselves but also ensure we don’t unconsciously pass those hurts onto our children and we create the home environment God designed for us.

The Healing Parent is more than a course—it's evidence based tools to bring transformation not only to yourself, but to your kids as well as you partner with Holy Spirit. If you're ready to take the first step towards healing your past and protecting your children’s future, join us for this 7 week course.

There is a lot of reading that goes with this course, please let us know in the notes in the pop-out cart whether you prefer a paper book, kindle, or audiobook (or shoot us an email at

Here’s what one of our course attendees wrote about her experience with this class:

"I just completed this course that started the day after my brother-in-law passed away, and the course has truly rocked me to my core. Tonight was our last night of virtual class and the work I had to do leading up to it was not easy by any means. But I am definitely a better person on this side of it. The course just finished up, so it's still pretty early to tell, but I truly feel it has changed my life in processing grief from my past and how I will handle grief in the future.

I had some unresolved grief from my dad taking his own life 25 years ago that I needed to process through. This course is such a blessing in being able to release the pain associated with that!💞"

Chose your own dates for the 7 one-on-one sessions with Seth (1hr-1.5hr sessions).

You will be emailed instructions on how to schedule the sessions after purchase.

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