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Workshop: Ultimate Guide to Present Parenting

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How do we be intentionally present with our kids when there's so much going on? No matter how much family time you have together, you can be present with your kids and deepen your connection with your family!

In this workshop, I'll teach what being a present parent really means and how our children can feel the why behind the time we spend with them. I'll break down practically how to be present even when we have tasks and things to do. Presence is more than just playing with our child and devoting 100% of our focus on them!

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to maximize the connection time you have with your kids
  • What being present actually is (hint: it's not your location)
  • How to create healthy boundaries with technology that serve you and your family

As a parent, you’ll walk away from this workshop with stress-free, practical tools you need to deepen connection in your family!


  • How long is this teaching?
    • About 45 minutes of teaching with 15 minutes of Q&A so you can get your questions answered
  • What age kids is this teaching for?
    • The tools in this teaching are great for parents of any aged kids!
  • Is this just for parents? Or do the kids watch, too?
    • This one is just for parents :)
  • Where will this teaching take place?
    • This workshop is an mp4 video format and will be available to download instantly.